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CNC Machining

CNC Machining

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5-axis CNC routing, milling and machining of non-metallic materials up to 2500 x 1250 x 600 mm for custom molds, jigs, architectural composites and the like.   This facility allows IComps to work as a one-stop-shop, especially for secure projects where facility lock-down is required.


This facility allows IComps to offer a range of new services:

  • Architectural mill-work that demands solid, rigid and accurate machining systems
  • Automotive design including pattern, mold and prototype machining
  • Composite fabrication : a wide variety of applications from mold and pattern machining, to honeycomb core, to nested sheet fabrication, to hydro-form trimming
  • Exhibits & store fixtures : IComps can machine and trim all materials traditionally used to make exhibits and store fixtures including wood, plywood, MDF, chipcore, laminates, rigid foam, plastic, acrylic, fibreglass and carbon-fibre
  • Furniture : CNC machining is well suited to production of furniture components made from either sheet stocks or solids.  Whether you are building upholstery frames, chairs, tables or collaboratively carved case goods.
  • Marine and boat building : ideal for many aspects of boat and ship manufacturing.  In three-axis setup, wood, acrylic and non-metallic components can be machined.  Our large table machine is also ideal for machining bulkheads and structural members.
  • Three-dimensional (3D) patterns / molds : ideal for pattern and mold making applications.  Shallow three-dimensional patterns and molds without undercuts can be easily machines in three-axis mode.  Deeper, larger and undercut patterns require the full five-axis operation.  IComps can accommodate everything from relatively small items to much larger items by machining in layers.  All materials that are typically used for patterns and molds can be machined, including wood, MDF, foam, REN and most other non-metallic materials.

The machine has the following machine bed capacity and is primarily set up to machine all tooling block materials, MDF, natural timbers, foam cores as well as sheet materials such Acrylic, monolithic carbon and glass panels as well as carbon/glass skinned composite panels.

5 axis machine specification:

  • Y axis 2500 mm
  • X axis 1250 mm
  • Z axis 600 mm nominal (800 mm dependent on tool selection)
  • Hold down – vacuum &/or cramp
  • Router head – single spindle (max 24000 RPM), 12 point tool changer
  • CadCam Software – Licom Alphacam Advanced 3D 5 axis Router + 3D engraving

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.  We request that drawings are sent in either IGES or STEP format.

More details about our 5-axis CNC router installation.

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