About us

Independent Composites are a specialist company, able to utilise and put into practice a variety of manufacturing processes using our extensive knowledge of composite materials. From a background initially based in the marine market, building and modifying yachts for the Whitbread Round the World race; manufacture of carbon masts for Admiral's Cup, America's Cup and Round the World Maxi-Catamarans. Based in the Underfall Yard in Bristol from 2002, we have been applying the knowledge gained from previous years in a variety of new fields including tidal renewable energy and industrial prototypes.

  • CNC Machining

    5-axis CNC routing, milling and machining of non-metallic materials up to 2500 x 1250 x 600 mm for custom moulds, jigs, architectural composites and the like.   Having this facility allows IComps to work as a one-stop-shop, from CAD model to finished composite structure.  This also gives us the potential to engage in the more secure…

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  • Oil and Gas

    Production of CNC machined tooling for the oil and gas industry, from which 2-part matched casting moulds are produced. These are used to manufacture various cast polyurethane products, such as bend restrictors and bend stiffeners for worldwide use. Using a similar tooling production technique we also manufacture matched tooling for use in RTM (resin transfer…

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  • Marine

    New build boat, spar, foils and components, along with repairs and refurbishments. Fully equipped workshop with: • Multiple vacuum pumps • Laser levelling equipment • Vacuum tables capable for the production of large bulkheads, application of veneers, sizes including: 1120mm x 2340mm 1120mm x 4780mm 1120mm x 7220mm 2340mm x 2340mm 2340mm x 3560mm Situated…

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